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Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

Finding good keto-friendly snacks can be a challenge. And as much as I love my homemade keto snacks, sometimes I want something more convenient. So when Schoolyard Snacks asked if they could send me some of their product to check out and review, I said, “Of course!” And now I thought I’d share with you my honest review.

Schoolyard Snacks Review

Let’s talk details first. Schoolyard Snacks makes cheese puffs and cereal in five flavors each. You can buy them in boxes of 12, 24, or 48 packs. Depending on how many you buy, each pack comes out to anywhere from $1.87 to $2.50.

Both the cheese puffs and the cereals are a whey-protein based snack. This makes them very crunchy, but makes them unsuitable for anyone who needs to avoid dairy altogether. They are, however, lactose-free. They’re made without gluten or grains, and with the exception of the peanut butter cereal, they are nut-free. The peanut butter cereal is made in a separate facility, so you can safely order the other flavors even if you’re dealing with peanut allergies.

Schoolyard sweetens their snacks with a blend of allulose and monk fruit, so they’re free from sugar alcohols if that’s a concern for you. They do contain some tapioca starch, which makes them slightly less “clean” keto, but the carbs stay low, with only 1g net carb per pack.

Schoolyard snacks sent me their cheddar cheese puffs and peanut butter cereal to review.

Keto Puffs

Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

When I saw these cheese puffs, I immediately thought of Cheetos puffs. But while they look more like the puff version of Cheetos, they’re much crunchier.

Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

These puffs are bite-sized. They have a cheesy flavor, but if you’re looking for them to taste like Cheetos, you’ll be disappointed. They have their own, unique flavor profile.

Here’s a look at the back of the bag. As you can see, they’re high in protein and low in carbs. No fiber in these, either, so if you’re counting total carbs it’s still just 1g per bag.

I know it’s common in the snack world to include small amounts of sugar in salty snacks, but I have to be honest that the inclusion of a little bit of their sweetener blend in the cheese puffs throws me off a little. I don’t love the slight sweetness it gives.

It’s possible that since going keto, I’m used to things being far less sweet, so if you’re new to keto, or use a lot of sweeteners in your keto life, maybe it won’t bother you. My kids like them just fine!

Keto Peanut Butter Cereal

Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

Just like the Magic Spoon cereal I reviewed before, the whey protein base of this cereal also makes it very crunchy and resistant to sogginess. Always a great quality in a cereal, if you ask me.

Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

The peanut butter flavor gets more pronounced when you add milk. That surprised me, but my husband said the same thing when he tried it. So if you want to full peanut butter flavor, add some of your favorite low-carb milk.

Are Schoolyard Snacks Any Good? An Honest Review -keto cake walk-

As someone who enjoys cereal but who doesn’t eat it daily, the individual packs are nice because I don’t have to worry about eating a whole box of cereal before it goes stale.

Here’s a peek at the back of the bag. There’s more fiber in these, because of the peanuts. And because they’re sweeter, there’s more allulose listed under the carbs. Since allulose doesn’t raise blood sugar, it gets subtracted when calculating net carbs, so these still clock in at 1g net carb per pouch.

I love that there are more and more keto snack options out there! To try for yourself, check out the Schoolyard Snacks website!

It's hard to spend the money on keto snacks when you're not sure if you'll like them or not. I tried these Schoolyard Snacks and give you my honest review so you can decide if you'll like them! #keto #snacks #cheesepuffs #cereal #lowcarb
Do Schoolyard Snacks Keto Puffs and Keto Cereal live up to the hype? I tried them to find out, and I give you my honest review. #keto #snacks #cheesepuffs #cereal #lowcarb

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