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Magic Spoon Cereal Review -keto cake walk-

Keto cereal exists, you guys. But is it any good? Is it worth the money? What are the ingredients like? I tried out Magic Spoon cereal so I could give you an honest review! Find out if this cereal is worth the hype.

I’ve never been a big cereal for breakfast type person, but I used to eat cereal as an afternoon snack on the regular. My kids love cereal but they’re only allowed to have it on weekends because of all the yucky ingredients. So I was excited to find out if there was a viable low carb option.

Magic Spoon Cereal

Before I tried this cereal, I wanted to check out the ingredients. I’m very wary of products that claim to be keto or low carb as many of them have ingredients that I avoid on a regular basis.

So it was important to me to know what was in the cereal before I opted to eat any! Let’s take a look.


Magic Spoon Cereal Review -keto cake walk-

At first glance, this doesn’t look very low carb. But the majority of the carbs listed are from allulose, which does not raise blood sugar. So a serving of this cereal has 3g net carbs.

As far as these ingredients go, I wouldn’t say they’re perfect, but they’re not as bad as many.

The first ingredient is a milk protein blend. This is fine if you tolerate milk protein well, but for some people, this can cause an insulin response. So know your body and how you react to dairy before you opt to eat this cereal.

The sweeteners used here are all sweeteners I use without qualms as they don’t affect blood sugar levels.

Tapioca starch is probably the least “keto” ingredient on this list. Generally speaking, starches are to be avoided on the keto diet. That being said, small amounts of tapioca starch really make a difference in texture, so I use it occasionally, like in my Low Carb Finska Kakor cookies. It’s pretty far down on the list and the carbs are still low.


First of all, aren’t these boxes adorable? 😍 This is the Variety Pack of cereal.

I was really impressed by the flavor of these cereals, you guys. They have amazing crunch and do not get soggy in milk. They’re somehow not overly sweet to my keto-adjusted palate, but my kids also enjoy them without reservation.

The kids and I really enjoyed the flavors. The regular frosted one is actually my favorite! I think it tastes like marshmallows and my son thought it tasted like birthday cake.

I love that there’s an option out there for my kids that they like that isn’t full of junk!

Scott over at Expert of Equipment compiled a ton of reviews of both Magic Spoon flavors as well as other leading low carb cereals!

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Is low carb cereal really a thing? Does it taste any good? Is it made with clean ingredients? Check out my review of Magic Spoon cereal and find out! #magicspoon #cereal #review #lowcarb #keto #breakfast #snacks #kids #glutenfree #grainfree #sugarfree
What do they have to do to make cereal low carb?? Is it worth eating? I did a taste test of Magic Spoon cereal to find out. #magicspoon #cereal #review #lowcarb #keto #breakfast #snacks #kids #glutenfree #grainfree #sugarfree

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