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6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

One of the best ways to stick to a diet is to avoid temptation. But this time of year, it feels like there is candy lurking around every corner! Luckily, these six keto candy bar recipes are here to stand in for your old favorites so you can walk right on past that candy aisle.

Keto Candy Bars

I firmly believe that eating a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean sentencing yourself to a life of deprivation. You just need some smart swaps to keep you on track.

These six keto candy bar recipes hit all of my favorites– I hope they hit yours, too!

Peanut Butter Cups

6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

These Low Carb Peanut Butter Cups are so easy to make– they only need 2 ingredients! Plus I discovered the secret to making the peanut butter filling the same texture as the original!

If Reese’s are your favorite candies, these are the low carb treat for you. And if you want to make them holiday themed, just use a cute candy mold like pumpkins, christmas trees, or easter eggs!


6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

Low Carb Snickers? Yes please! This recipe comes from Hungry For Inspiration. They’re so tasty!

I did find that my wonderful 14-cup food processor was a bit big for making the filling so next time I’ll increase the recipe to make it easier. Plus, more snickers is a no-brainer!

>>I like this silicone mold for the candy bars that need one!<<

Almond Joy

6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

These Keto Almond Joy bars are so very simple to make and are also dairy-free! No pre-making low carb sweetened condensed milk for these!

If you prefer Mounds bars, leave out the almonds!


6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

These Low Carb Twix bars come from the Keto Diet App blog. Shortbread + caramel + chocolate is always a win!

6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

I also have it under very good
authority that these are
perfect dipped in coffee.

Next time I make these I might use my perfect caramel recipe, though. Because it’s super good and extra easy.


6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

These Turtles by All Day I Dream About Food are stupid good, you guys. Pecans, caramel, dark chocolate, and some sea salt? Yes, please.

Turtles are my grandma’s favorite but I’ve never actually made them. They’re really easy to make and my husband was super impressed.

Peanut Butter Twix

6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -keto cake walk-

Ok, I know regular twix get all the love, but I’m a huge fan of peanut butter twix. So obviously I had to create a low carb Peanut Butter Twix recipe!

Chocolate shortbread layered with peanut butter and then smothered in chocolate? Sign me the heck up!

What do you think? Is your favorite on this list?

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These 6 keto candy bar recipes will have you waltzing past the candy aisle without a second glance! All your favorites, now low carb!
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These 6 Keto Candy Bars will make you forget all about the sugar-filled candies of your past. Resist temptation at the store by making these at home while keeping your carbs low! #keto #lowcarb #candy #candybars #chocolate #snickers #twix #almondjoy #turtles #peanutbuttercups

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