Homemade Coffee Creamer {reducing sugar in your coffee}

Homemade Creamer -keto cake walk-

After sharing my health journey that led me to the ketogenic diet, I shared the post to Facebook and heard from more than one person that they want to try changing the way they eat, but wanted to know, “What do I put in my coffee?!”

Like many people out there, my friends are creamer junkies. Let me tell you, I understand! I was a total creamer junkie for a long time. Like a “Do you want some coffee with your International Delight?” kind of junkie. And if you’d asked me back then if I ever thought I’d be drinking coffee with no sugar in it at all and enjoying it now I wouldn’t have believed you.


My Health Journey and the Ketogenic Diet

My Health Journey on the Ketogenic Diet -keto cake walk-

The ketogenic diet is something very close to my heart, which is the whole reason I started this website. I’m not here to jump on a bandwagon or capitalize on a diet trend. I’m here because the keto diet literally changed my life. This is my health journey.


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